Case Study: Innovative travel content production


Travel publishing: Bespoke customisation

Your travel content has the potential to be used in various ways. Through applying our in-house digital travel content expertise, buy cialis we can provide a number of packages to enhance and develop content in various digital formats.

Utilizing the advantages and benefits that structured content in the digital workflow offer, and applying our knowledge of web development and user experience design, we can create products that satisfy the content needs of travellers in the digital age.

As travel content is inherently granular in nature, it is ideal for the creation of websites, apps, and “layering” of content on map interfaces.

Content can be recombined and presented in new ways, aimed at new types of users and markets, and enabling feedback and interaction with these users.

Product examples

  • Theme or interest-based website content, such as food tourism, themed city breaks (art, sport events, etc), nature and environment guides, and cultural selections
  • Visual display of content via maps, using a combination of travel content and live map data, enabling users to plot routes and plan their trips, with a clear and quality interface
  • Integration of community- based functions, allowing like-minded users to share, compile, and add to your content
  • Trip planning and itinerary building, enabling users to combine and select the particular content they need for their trips
  • Bespoke travel guides, in the forms of PDF downloads, e-books, or print-on-demand booklets
  • High-quality visual mobile apps, ideal for phones and tablets on the move
  • “Mini-guide” e-books for short trips or city/town travels
  • Highly designed “fixed format” e-books that focus on visual content elements